Thursday, February 26, 2009

BEAUTIFUL by DESIGN: Stunning Blueprints for Harmonious Gardens by Tara Dillard

Give any garden a lovely finishing touch using focal points.

Create a beautiful, harmonious garden by learning how to display focal points in a pleasing location, at the perfect height, and in an eye-catching way. Find out how to choose a theme, make a splash with color, add garden art, and more. From trompe l'oeil illusions to enfilade, a view through to a view, every idea here is achievable and attractive.

What makes a garden special?

Focal points, using anything from plants to statues, that capture the eye and make a strong first impression. Using a wealth of inspiring color photographs and detailed garden plans, horticulturist Tara Dillard reveals how to create elegant focal-point arrangements that will lend character to any garden.

Deciding on locations for focal points is easy if you look outside through your garden view windows. After all, why put a bench or birdfeeder where you'll never see it from the house? Then apply this rule: include only one focal point per garden area. Use the plans throughout Beautiful by Design to further help you with effective focal-point placement.

Architectural, interior design, and focal-point styles are all interrelated and should be coordinated. If you choose something lackluster to display, your entire garden will also look dull. Remember gardens are about contrasts in color, form, and texture. Try adding something unexpected in a witty way. A tall copper light fixture that does double duty as a trellis, for example, becomes a lovely, yet subtle, garden feature.

.....You'll have fun along the path to perfection in your stunning garden.

Published 2005

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