Thursday, February 26, 2009

THE GARDEN VIEW: Designs for Beautiful Landscapes by Tara Dillard

The garden you've always dreamed of is in sight!

Create a tranquil outdoor haven by learning how to place benches, birdbaths, statues, and unusual plantings along the viewing angles from your house and other line-of-sight areas to the garden.

Why do some gardens look more inviting and peaceful than others?

The reason isn't as obvious as you might think. Master gardeners and landscape architects know that choosing the right plants and keeping them lush and healthy is only part of the answer. Physical layout, plant spacing and height, and thoughtful placement of garden accessories such as benches, statuary, and water features all dramatically impact a garden's ambiance.

Designing a beautiful backyard refuge is simple once you understand the concept of "viewing axis," those vantage points from which a garden will most often be seen Whether you find those views engaging or not is affected by the interplay of balance, form, and color. Look out your windows and doors and what do you see? Graceful and joyous vistas, or mumbled visions of uninspired plantings? It's important to pay careful attention to these views in order to create a complementary style for both house and garden.

Your overall design should reflect multiple axes, as most gardens are seen from more than one vantage point.

Whether you're planning a new garden or redesigning an existing one, you can give it maximum appeal by following this expert advice.

Published 2005


  1. Tara, BOOKS?

    I love thay garden bench on the cover. In fact I love all Chinese Chippendale railings and fences.
    That photo of you is cute, Yvonne

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